Live the Experience

Horse Riding

Horse riding is one of the oldest sports. In recent years it has acquired healing properties.

On the river Acherontas, a ride with a horse will surely fascinate you and relax you. A walk in the river and you will taste its immense beauty. The cold waters will cool you down and the countless beauty of nature will impress you. Riding on Acherontas is a special experience worth enjoying and the horses that are offered for this reason you will definitely love them.

At first you can ride the horse, then swim in a little deeper water. The horses are trained and all you have to do is enjoy this imposing landscape.


This sport has developed rapidly in the recent years and the area of Sivota is the right place to fulfill such a wish. Who would not want to fly from above and feel this incomparable sense of freedom.

It is a special parachute, with which one can take off from a slope regardless of its height. Takeoff is on the ground with the operator running on the slope and detached from it. It is an exciting sport that with the help of meteorological conditions can remain an unforgettable memory to which it does.

Scuba Diving

The blue waters of the Ionian Sea and the beautiful and clean beaches are suitable for this sport. The contact with the water and the tour in a wonderful world well hidden and distant from the daily routine will fascinate you. It is an unforgettable experience and adventure that everyone should try. In the waters of the Ionian Sea it sounds a boundless calm and the rays of the sun keep you company.

The first stage is a small training, you learn what to do and what the necessary equipment is. The next stage is diving under the supervision of qualified personnel. The sea area of Sivota is one of the most beautiful and suitable areas for scuba diving and its seabed will pleasantly surprise you thanks to the abundance of fish species, the beautiful reefs with their unique colors.


Rafting is one of the most exciting team sports you will definitely do in River Acheron. The River Acheron is also offered for this sport. It is held all year round and the area is strictly selected so that everyone can participate, experienced or not.

In the beginning, a theoretical lesson is taking place and then the descent begins always with the appropriate equipment. There is always a guide, who gives instructions throughout the rafting. And the adventure begins.