Some information about the location

It is known as the “Caribbean” of Greece and is none other than Sivota. Villaggio Sioutis is located in an area that is close to all the beauties of Sivota. It is also a stone’s throw from restaurants and taverns and you can taste the gastronomic magic of Sivota at any time. You can drink your coffee or drink in the very close and impressive cafeterias and bars and enjoy carefree holidays or your little excursion.

The Battle of Sivota (Ancient Greek: Σύβοτα) took place in 433 BCE between Corcyra (modern Corfu) and Corinth, and was, according to Thucydides, the largest naval battle between Greek city states until that time. It was one of the immediate catalysts for the Peloponnesian War. Sivota at that time did not exist as a village or even as a settlement and the three islands named Sivota Islands. Just before the end of the Ottoman domination began to build the first houses on the coast of the area as they noticed that they can exploit the movement of ships in the Straits of the islands. After the independence of Turkish slavery, many locals from the mountains of Pindos and the areas of Ioannina were transported to Sivota and settled there developing the economy of the region.

After connecting the village with the national road developed tourism that does not only consist of Greek tourists but from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Spain as well as the Czech Republic. Sivota is now a tourist resort for Epirus and its tourism is growing at a rapid pace. An unusual landscape for Greece that could be exploited as a historical place thus increasing even more tourism in the region.

It is the most cosmopolitan area of Thesprotia, with clusters of islands and the most beautiful beaches of Epirus. Mega Ammos is the largest and most popular beach of Sivota, just next to it is Mikri Ammos. The beach Pisina is in one of the islets and the beach Bella Vraka is one of the most beautiful beaches of Sivota and joins the islet Mourtemmeno with Sivota, access is by foot or by sea. Other beaches are Zavia, Gallikos Molos and Zeri.